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 About Us 

Percy Starks lll, CEO

The founder and CEO of ENVIRO-1, Percy Starks III, is passionate about the safety of everyday people.  ENVIRO-1 is a personal safety centered company; which puts the safety and security of citizens first.  Percy has over 32 years of security experience in the public sector.  He was a Lieutenant with the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, (LADWP); which is the largest municipality in the United States. He worked for the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power from 1994 to 2021, and upon his retirement from the LADWP; Percy founded ENVIRO-1 with the express intent to teach safety practices and principles that will help keep people safe no matter where they are.

The Los Angeles Police Department certified Percy as a Run, Hide, Fight, Active Shooter instructor in 2017.  Percy trained several thousand city of Los Angeles employees; as well as members of the general public in surviving an active shooter.  The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power certified him as a personal safety trainer in 2014.  Percy created personal safety presentations for LADWP, and he trained thousands of employees in personal safety practices and principles. He is a veteran who served in the United States Army from 1987 to 1991, and he possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge about the mindset of personal safety.


Percy Starks III, CEO

ENVIRO-1 focuses on individual personal safety, and we teach the tactics and mental awareness principles of safety.  ENVIRO-1 insists that each person is responsible for their own safety; instead of putting someone else in charge.  ENVIRO-1 understands that companies, schools, businesses, and other entities have safety polices in place to keep people safe; and our training enhances those polices by empowering the individual to be mentally prepared to be self-safe in a dangerous situation.

Whether you want to train 10 employees or a thousand, a church congregation, or you want training for an educational setting; ENVIRO-1 can help.  At ENVIRO-1, we understand that in the busy world we live in today sometimes safety gets pushed to the side; and we will teach individuals to keep safety in the forefront of their daily lives.

Contact us for a no cost, no obligation consultation to decide if ENVIRO-1 can help you enhance your personal safety needs.


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